Tempesta 250 Chuveiro de teto 1 jato

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Expand your showering horizons with the slim GROHE Tempesta 250 head shower, created with a generous 250mm face to give more space and greater enjoyment. The round head shower offers a gentle, relaxing Rain Spray, plus GROHE DreamSpray ensures that the flow from each and every nozzle will be just right, making your shower as comfortable and enjoyable as can be. And when you turn off the shower, the GROHE DripStop technology minimizes annoying after-dripping. A GROHE EcoJoy 9.5 l/min flow limiter guarantees a perfect, powerful spray while saving you water and money. Its SpeedClean nozzles are designed to brush free of limescale with a simple wipe. For safety, an insulated Inner WaterGuide prevents the surface from getting too hot, protecting the lustrous chrome. And the durable GROHE StarLight chrome finish keeps the head shower looking pristine for a lifetime. Its universal connection makes it easy to install on all standard shower arms, making it perfect for upgrades.

  • Rain
  • Ø 250 mm
  • Rótula com ângulo de rotação de ± 10°
  • Porca de ligação 1/2"
  • GROHE Water Saving limitador de caudal a 9,5 l/min
  • Jato perfeito com o GROHE DreamSpray
  • Acabamento GROHE Long-Life
  • Sistema anticalcário SpeedClean
  • Guia de água interior para longa duração
  • Adequado para utilização com esquentadores
  • Pressão mínima 1,0 bar
  • Edição Profissional

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