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GROHE Blue Pure Minta Starter Kit

31345DC2 - GROHE Blue Pure Minta Starter Kit
  • supersteel
Número de produto 31345DC2
EAN 4005176987892
€ 1.229,63 PVPR (IVA incl.)

Descrição do Produto

Composto por:
GROHE Blue monocomando de lava loiça com filtro
Manípulo separado para água filtrada
Castelo de longa duração 1/2"
Acabamento GROHE StarLight
Cartucho de discos cerâmicos GROHE SilkMove 35 mm
Limitador ecológico de caudal
Bica giratória
Ângulo de rotação do manípulo de 150°
Perlatores internos separados para água filtrada e não filtrada
Ligações flexíveis
Tipo de protecção IP21
Fonte de alimentação 240 V AC 50/60 Hz com interruptor de
segurança para baixa voltagem (SELV) 6 V DC para a mudança do filtro
Filtro GROHE Blue de 600 litros, filtro com ajustamento flexível
Permite filtros de 600 ou 3000 litros
Contém lâmpadas embutidas de LED, que não podem ser alteradas: classe de eficiência energética: A +

Destaques de produto

GROHE Blue – pure lime-free water with a fresh taste

GROHE Blue turns ordinary tap water into a pure, soft table water that is perfectly safe to drink and has a wonderful taste optimized by the smart filter technology. GROHE Blue water not only tastes great by itself – you will also notice that it gives your tea and coffee a richer and more refined flavor. With lime filtered out of the water, it is ideal for home appliances like kettles, egg cookers, coffee machines and irons.

The GROHE Blue filter safely removes undesirable substances that could cause odor or affect the taste of your water

With its 5-phase filter technology, the GROHE Blue filter purifies your tap water, giving it a fresh refined taste. As water passes through the filter, undesirable substances such as chlorine that could cause odor or affect its taste are removed. The fine particulate filter retains even the tiniest particles, leaving nothing but pure water with a great fresh taste. The filter also extracts heavy metals and reduces the lime content of the water significantly. Changing the water filter is quick and hassle-free, ensuring a reliable supply of fresh, lime-free water straight from your tap.

GROHE Blue Duo tap – normal tap water and fresh table water from a single tap

The GROHE Blue Duo tap delivers both ordinary tap water and pure filtered water with a great fresh taste. To guarantee perfect purity, separate inner water ways ensure the normal tap water and filtered water never come into contact. Replacing your regular tap with this innovative and efficient model will be super easy and hassle-free. Its high spout is perfect for filling tall carafes.

High spout for easy filling of large pots

Easy cleaning of big pots: with this high spout, your GROHE tap will master any challenge in the kitchen. GROHE products are perfectly suited to your needs and all the requirement of your home – for your ultimate comfort.

Smooth turn

With its flexible swivel spout, this tap provides maximum comfort at minimal effort. This is especially convenient when switching between two basins.

150° swivel range: smooth turn without collisions

Super functional for all your daily chores: the spout swivels smoothly in a 150° radius, giving you full operating control and preventing it from colliding with any surrounding cupboards or walls.

GROHE SuperSteel – super resistant: contemporary design with a stainless steel look

Premium stainless steel look: its matt elegance and extraordinary scratch resistance make this tap stand out. The GROHE SuperSteel coating is the result of 75 years of experience and attention to detail. With its smooth stainless steel surface, this tap is particularly hygienic.

GROHE SilkMove cartridge technology for smooth handling

This premium tap comes with a continuously variable water temperature and volume adjustment technology, ensuring effortless lever operation even after years of use.

Easy installation system with straightforward instructions

You'll have this tap mounted in the blink of an eye. The easy installation system comprises only a few parts and is very easy to use. Coming with flexible hoses and a clear set of instructions, you'll find the installation of your new tap is really simple.

Dados técnicos & Instruções de manutenção

Partes separadas

Nº de Pos Descrição de prod. Nº da ordem
* Optional accessories
1 manípulo 46652DC0
1.1 peça de encaixe 0538600M
2 castelo 64368000
2.1 o'ring 0392400M
3 união roscada 46460000
4 tampa 48195DC0
5 manípulo 48193DC0
6 Cartucho 35mm 46374000
7 emulsor 48194DC0
8 união roscada 46249000
9 GROHE Blue 64508001
10 GROHE Blue filtro S 40404001
11 unidade de comando 48197000
12 electroválvula 42390000
12.1 filtro 42395000
13 Connector T, Dn10 41007000
14 GROHE Blue filtro 600l magnésio 40691001*
15 GROHE Blue filtro carbono ativado 40547001*
16 GROHE Blue filtro M 40430001*
17 GROHE Blue filtro L 40412001*
18 chave de montagem 19017000*

Gamas de Produto


Starter Kit
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€ 945,87 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Starter Kit
Adicionar ao bloco de notas
€ 854,85 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Starter Kit
Adicionar ao bloco de notas
€ 854,85 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Starter Kit
Adicionar ao bloco de notas
€ 1.111,31 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Starter Kit
Adicionar ao bloco de notas
€ 1.229,63 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Starter Kit
Adicionar ao bloco de notas
€ 1.111,31 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Starter Kit

Pillar Taps and Valves

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€ 725,70 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Starter Kit

Filter for GROHE Blue/Red

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€ 69,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Magnésio + filtro
Adicionar ao bloco de notas
€ 69,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Filtro tamanho S
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€ 129,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Filtro tamanho M
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€ 169,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Filtro tamanho L
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€ 89,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Filtro com carbono ativado

Bouteille de CO²

Garrafas de CO2 para recarregar 425 g (4 unidades)
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€ 24,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Garrafa de CO2 de 425 g


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€ 34,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Copos de vidro (6 peças)


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€ 34,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Garrafa de vidro

Garrafa de água

aço inoxidável
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€ 14,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Garrafa térmica
Adicionar ao bloco de notas
€ 9,99 PVPR (IVA incl.)
GROHE Blue Pure

GROHE Blue Pure

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