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Sistemas Rainshower 310 Sistema de duche com termostática

27968000 - Sistemas Rainshower 310 Sistema de duche com termostática
  • cromado
Número de produto 27968000
EAN 4005176929687
€ 1.383,75 PVPR (IVA incl.)

Descrição do Produto

Composto por:
Braço de chuveiro
450 mm
Torneira termostática exterior
Permite alternar entre:
Chuveiro de parede Rainshower Cosmopolitan 310 (27 477 000)
Rótula orientável
Ângulo de rotação de ± 15°
Chuveiro de Mão Power & Soul Cosmopolitan 130 mm (27 664 000)
Com suporte ajustável em altura (12 140 000)
Bicha de chuveiro de 1,75 m (28 388 000)
Cartucho compacto GROHE TurboStat com termoelemento em cera
Limitador de temperatura GROHE SafeStop 38°C
GROHE SafeStop Plus (opcional) limitador de temperatura a 43ºC
GROHE CoolTouch Sem risco de queimaduras
Jato perfeito com o GROHE DreamSpray
GROHE One-Click selecção de jacto
com um click
Acabamento cromado GROHE StarLight
Sistema anticalcário SpeedClean
Adequado para utilização
com esquentadores a partir de 18 KWh
Caudal mínimo recomendado 7 l/min.

Destaques de produto

Constant water temperature thanks to reliable GROHE TurboStat technology

Our precise control technology ensures an instant water flow at the desired temperature and keeps it constant irrespective of any fluctuations in water pressure or supply.

GROHE CoolTouch – never too hot to handle

Thanks to the GROHE CoolTouch technology, the temperature of the tap body will never exceed your shower temperature. Engineered with an integrated cooling channel separating the hot water supply from the outer surface of your thermostat, it is always safe for you to handle. This feature is especially important to protect children from scalding on hot tap surfaces, making your bathroom safely enjoyable for the whole family.

GROHE SafeStop (Plus) – double scalding protection at 38°C and (optional) 43°C

Great for homes with children, this safety feature is set at 38°C, preventing you from turning up the water temperature too high. If desired, higher temperatures can be selected by pushing the button. Optional for extra safety: the easy-to-fit GROHE SafeStop Plus limiter ensures that the temperature does not exceed 43°C.

GROHE One-click showering – convenient switching and combining of spray patterns

With a GROHE shower, you can select and combine different spray patterns at the push of a button: enjoy a soothing head massage or the sensation of soft summer rain on your skin. Combine the different settings to compose your personal shower experience with GROHE One-click showering.

GROHE EcoJoy with water-saving function for reduced consumption

GROHE EcoJoy reduces water consumption by up to 50% without compromising on performance. Whenever you turn on your tap, you will enjoy a full jet of water while saving money nonetheless.

GROHE DreamSpray for luxurious showering

The GROHE DreamSpray technology turns your daily shower into a luxuriously relaxing experience. The advanced engineering of the shower head ensures a balanced flow of water from all nozzles, whatever spray pattern you choose.

Shower arm with 180° swivel range

Indulge in a special comfort zone with GROHE shower systems: this shower arm comes with a 180° swivel range, so you can direct the shower head to the center of your cubicle or tub, even when the plumbing is offset to the side, giving you more flexibility. Its length helps to create an extra large shower radius.

GROHE AquaDimmer for effortless water control

Switching between your bath spout and hand or head shower is easy with GROHE AquaDimmer, while also controlling the water volume in a single motion. The same handle also serves to turn the water flow on and off.

Easy to clean thanks to the GROHE StarLight chrome coating

Just wipe the tap down with a dry cloth – the ultra smooth surface finish is scratch resistant and ensures a lasting luminous sheen. You'll save plenty of time cleaning while your tap always looks shiny and new.

SpeedClean – no limescale build-up on your shower head

Limescale is a no longer an issue with our SpeedClean nozzles: thanks to the integrated anti-lime system, you will find the nozzles of your GROHE shower head super easy to clean. To remove any limescale residue from the flexible silicone nozzles, simply wipe them off with your hand.

Coating protected by Inner WaterGuide

A strong insulation of the water guide inside the shower prevents its surface from heating up, so it will never be too hot for you to touch. At the same time, this serves to protect the finish of your GROHE shower, further enhancing its great durability.

TwistFree – prevents your shower hose from twisting

TwistFree shower hoses are inspired by everyday experience: ever had to struggle with a twisted shower hose? TwistFree keeps your shower hose flexible and in shape, saving you that trouble.

Rain Spray – like summer rain on your skin

Enjoy the relaxing Rain Spray sensation on your skin. This soft and delicate spray pattern reminiscent of warm summer rain will soothe your body and mind, washing away any tension and stress.

GROHE Rain O² Spray – wonderfully soft and soothing

Indulge in a luxurious shower with the GROHE Rain O² Spray pattern. Air is drawn into the spray face to mix with the water for a softer and wider spray – a uniquely relaxing sensation for your body and soul.

Jet Spray – revitalizing massage and efficient cleaning

The perfect combination: whenever you're in need of a fresh burst of energy, our dynamic Jet Spray provides a pleasant revitalizing sensation on your skin. And after your shower, the powerful water jet will easily clean your shower or tub.

Bokoma Spray for a soothing massage

Our innovative Bokoma Spray creates a "breathing" effect with eight dynamic nozzles opening and closing once a second to provide a soothing massage of your head and neck, for an invigorating start to your day.

GROHE EasyLogic – clear markings for easy handling  

The markings are always visible, so you can immediately see which way to turn for your desired temperature or volume. Knobs and button are designed for easy and intuitive handling by the whole family.

S-union with wall escutcheons for your thermostat

Your GROHE thermostat will be mounted on the wall with an s-union covered by an escutcheon, for a cleaner look and protection from scalding on hot surfaces. With their smooth finish, the escutcheons are super easy to clean.

Partes separadas

Nº de Pos Descrição de prod. Nº da ordem
* Optional accessories
1 manípulo de corte Aquadimmer 47804000
2 bloqueio 47723000
3 aquadimmer 47364000
4 passagem de água 47887000
5 manípulo selector de temperatura 47811000
6 anel de fixação 47743000
7 THM Termoelemento 2006 47439000
8 válvula anti-retorno 47189000
8.1 filtro 0726400M
8.2 válvula anti-retorno 08565000
8.3 o'ring 0305500M
9 ligação s 12693000
10 válvula anti-retorno 08565000
11 elemento de deslizamento 12140000
12 filtro 0700200M
13 conjunto de peças sobressalentes 45933000
14 suporte de chuveiro para rampa de duche 48279000
15 Rainshower anilha de compensação 27180000*
16 chave de caixa 19332000*
17 Termoelemento p/ águas trocadas 47175000*
18 chave especial 19377000*
19 Euphoria tubo 114 cm 48053000*
20 Euphoria tubo 84 cm 48054000*
21 Rainshower braço chuveiro 390mm 14047000*

Shower systems

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€ 1.383,75 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Sistema de duche com termostática
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€ 1.592,85 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Sistema de duche com termostática de banheira
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€ 1.228,77 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Sistema de duche com termostática
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€ 1.715,85 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Sistema de duche com termostática
Rainshower System

Rainshower System

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