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Rainshower Classic 160 Conjunto de duche 4 Jatos

28770001 - Rainshower Classic 160 Conjunto de duche 4 Jatos
  • cromado
Número de produto 28770001
EAN 4005176875595
€ 367,77 PVPR (IVA incl.)

Descrição do Produto

Composto por:
Rampa de duche de 90 cm (28 819)
Suporte deslizante articulado
Bicha de chuveiro de 1,75 m (28 388 000)
Guia de água interior para longa duração

Destaques de produto

GROHE DreamSpray for luxurious showering

The GROHE DreamSpray technology turns your daily shower into a luxuriously relaxing experience. The advanced engineering of the shower head ensures a balanced flow of water from all nozzles, whatever spray pattern you choose.

Easy to clean thanks to the GROHE StarLight chrome coating

Just wipe the tap down with a dry cloth – the ultra smooth surface finish is scratch resistant and ensures a lasting luminous sheen. You'll save plenty of time cleaning while your tap always looks shiny and new.

Easy installation of your shower rail thanks to GROHE QuickFix Plus

GROHE QuickFix Plus comes with adjustable wall-mounting brackets for a super quick and easy installation of your shower rail. Simply adjust the distance between the two mounting brackets to use existing drill holes – no more drilling and risking damage to your tiles! With GROHE QuickFix Plus, you'll have your shower rail installed in half the time compared to conventional systems with mounting brackets fixed in place.

SpeedClean – no limescale build-up on your shower head

Limescale is a no longer an issue with our SpeedClean nozzles: thanks to the integrated anti-lime system, you will find the nozzles of your GROHE shower head super easy to clean. To remove any limescale residue from the flexible silicone nozzles, simply wipe them off with your hand.

Coating protected by Inner WaterGuide

A strong insulation of the water guide inside the shower prevents its surface from heating up, so it will never be too hot for you to touch. At the same time, this serves to protect the finish of your GROHE shower, further enhancing its great durability.

TwistFree – prevents your shower hose from twisting

TwistFree shower hoses are inspired by everyday experience: ever had to struggle with a twisted shower hose? TwistFree keeps your shower hose flexible and in shape, saving you that trouble.

Rain Spray – like summer rain on your skin

Enjoy the relaxing Rain Spray sensation on your skin. This soft and delicate spray pattern reminiscent of warm summer rain will soothe your body and mind, washing away any tension and stress.

Jet Spray – revitalizing massage and efficient cleaning

The perfect combination: whenever you're in need of a fresh burst of energy, our dynamic Jet Spray provides a pleasant revitalizing sensation on your skin. And after your shower, the powerful water jet will easily clean your shower or tub.

Champagne spray: soft flow for a luxurious shower

Water mixed with air will turn your shower into a luxurious experience: enjoy the relaxing sensation of the GROHE Champagne spray. With air drawn into the spray face, it will gently envelop you in soft water droplets, soothing and revitalizing your body and soul.

Pure spray – the name says it all: showering in its purest form

Enjoy the soft intensity of the Pure spray coming from the center of the shower head, for a uniquely relaxing skin sensation.

Dados técnicos & Instruções de manutenção

Partes separadas

Nº de Pos Descrição de prod. Nº da ordem
* Optional accessories
1 tampa 45922000
2 elemento de deslizamento 06765000
3 suporte de chuveiro para rampa de duche 48333000
4 filtro 0700200M
5 Rainshower anilha de compensação 45914XE0*

Gamas de Produto


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€ 141,45 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Chuveiro de mão 3 jatos
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€ 158,67 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Chuveiro de mão 4 jatos

Showerrail sets

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€ 276,75 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Conjunto de duche 3 jatos
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€ 367,77 PVPR (IVA incl.)
Conjunto de duche 4 Jatos
Rainshower® Classic

Rainshower® Classic

Para quartos de banho contemporâneos.

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